Board meetings

Page last updated: 22 May 2024

Our board meets regularly to discuss our work.

We are committed to openness and transparency. The board conducts as much of its business as possible in a public session. To protect confidentiality some business is discussed in a private session.

The agenda and meeting papers are available a few days before each meeting.

You can also watch recordings of the meetings.

Visit the National Archive for older board meetings.

Public session

Items discussed in public board usually include:

  • policies, reports and strategic plans
  • committee reports
  • strategic risk register and staff survey results

Questions from the public

If time allows, the chair may take questions from the public after the formal meeting.

Questions must be submitted in advance and should be about topics looked at by the board. We may not be able to answer a question fully in the public session (for example, if it discloses personal details).

If you have a question, send it to by midday on the Friday before the meeting

Private session

We discuss items in a private session when we need to protect confidentiality.

Topics covered in private sessions include:

  • cases that could identify people who use services, carers, staff members, etc.
  • commercially sensitive information
  • strategy development
  • cyber security issues

Healthwatch England

Healthwatch England is governed by a statutory committee of CQC's board.

The committee sets Healthwatch England's strategy, provides scrutiny and oversight, and approves policies and procedures.

Future board meetings

  • 24 July
  • 25 September
  • 27 November
  • 5 February 2025
  • 26 March

For further information about the board meetings, email

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