Page last updated: 10 June 2024
Organisations we regulate

Every registered provider must pay fees each year.

Fees cover all the costs of:

  • initial registration
  • changes to your registration, and
  • our activities associated with monitoring, inspection and rating.

Your fees depend on the:

  • type of services you provide, and
  • the scale of services.

Charitable organisations pay the fee that applies to the type of service they provide – they are treated in the same way as equivalent providers.

Your annual fees cover all your locations that are registered on your anniversary date. The amount of fees and anniversary date are shown on your invoice.

See provider fees payable as a guide to what you might need to pay.

Non-payment of fees is a reason why we may cancel a registered provider’s registration.

Our fees scheme

Our current fees scheme applies to fees due from 1 April 2019.

We hold a public consultation whenever we propose to alter fees. We consider all responses to a consultation then propose a new fees scheme. If the Secretary of State consents, the proposed scheme takes effect.

Find out more

Fees scheme 2019/20

The 2019/20 fees scheme remains valid until further notice

Regulations for providers and managers: Fees

Consultation on fees for 2019/20

Contact us

Email NCSC.Finance@cqc.org.uk if you have questions about fees.